1. What's constelic?

Constelic, or Stel, is an alterhuman label for when one takes on, or collects, an identity/multiple identities. A constelic individual may range from having one identity, to a very high amount, and everything in between.

Constelic identities, also called stels or constels, can range from being very casual and unobtrusive, to intense. These constels may or may not shape how a person likes to act, present themselves, or refer to themselves. Constelic individuals may also experience varying intensities of their stel, called phasing, or a phase. One may phase from one constel to the next, or simply phase closer to a constel.

Reasons for why someone is constelic may vary. Popular reasons may be because of hyperfixation, projection onto characters, a need to “hoard” things (possibly due to things like OCD), having personas or "identity masks," or it might simply be for the sake of fun.

A constelic individual may be referred to as a constari, or a stellie/stelly if one prefers a more "fun" name. If one wished, they could also change the “i” at the end of constari, to make terms such as constara, constaro, or constare.

2. What makes constelic distinguishable from other terms?

Constels are not inherent, distinguishing it from other alterhuman labels such as otherkin or otherhearted. A constel may slowly fade away over time, be 'dropped,' or simply not be permanent in general. While some constels may last a person's entire lifetime, someone is not typically born with a constel, though they may consider themselves to have been born constelic in general, with a predisposition to taking on identities.

Constelic does not go by "with" or "as" terminology, either. You may identify "as" your constel, you may identify "with" them, you may move between the two, or something else entirely. Constelic identities do not go by whether or not they're chosen; sometimes they are intentionally taken on, while other times they're unconsciously taken on.

In short, the thing that distinguishes constelic is that constelic identities are non-inherent. They are extrinsic.

3. Constelic terminology and subterms

This list contains all currently known/added constelic terminology. It may be added onto or edited in the future.

The Basics:

  • -Stelic: A suffix for constelic identities and subtypes, as well as a suffix for specific constels (ex: I am deerstelic.)

  • Alterstelic: Another way of saying constelic. Comes from the term alterhuman.

  • Constel: The full term for a constelic identity. (ex: "I have a deer constel.") Can be shortened to "stel."

  • Constelist or Constellation: A tier list of constels put from most to least intensive, important, or prominent.

  • ID: Another word for a constel.

  • Phase: A term for when a constel has become more intense, or you have moved to a new constel. Meant to represent moon phases, and is similar to otherkin shifts. You may also call it a steliphase if you want to be specific. (Example: I am in a deer phase.)

  • Veil(ing), Cloak(ing): In which someone adopts their constel as their full identity temporarily (as though their constel is a "veil" or "cloak" they are taking on as an identity.) Whether one uses "veil" or "cloak" is up to personal choice.

Constel Types:

  • Ficstel(ic), fictionstel(ic): Someone whose constel(s) is a fictional character.

  • Multistel(ic), polystel(ic): Someone who has multiple constels, particularly of varying types.

  • Farstel(ic), conceptstel(ic): Someone whose constel(s) is a concept of vague notion, like outer space.

  • Objectstel(ic): Someone whose constel(s) is an object.

  • Anistel(ic): Someone whose constel(s) is an animal.

  • Mythostel(ic): Someone whose constel(s) is a mythological being, creature, etc.

Constelic Specifiers:

Can also apply to individual constels.

  • Magnistel(ic): When one only experiences short bursts of gaining a constel and veiling/cloaking immediately, before the constel fades away/drops entirely.

  • Perstel(ic): When one's constel(s) function as/like a persona(s).

  • Projestel(ic), "conproj," Projection Constel(ic): In which someone projects onto something to the point of gaining a constel.


  • Orbit, Orbits, Orbiting: In which a constelic person has a constantly shifting level of identification with their constel(s). As though in orbit, constels may periodically go from intense, to further away, to near-nonexistent, to cloaking, and back around.

  • Permacloaking / Permaveiling: When someone's constel is always veiled/cloaked. Might just be one/some constel(s), or it could be the only way the user experiences any of them.

Constelic Grammar:

Constelic as a noun: Utilize -stel and -stelic as suffixes, as well as the word (con)stel. Examples:

  • "I am deerstelic."

  • "I have a constel."

  • "I have a deer stel."

  • "One of my constels is permaveiling."

  • "I'm magnistelic, so my constels only last about a week."

Constelic as a verb: The term "stel" may be conjugated as a verb. For instance, stel, stels, stelling, stelled. Examples:

  • "I stelled him."

  • "I'm stelling her so hard right now."

  • "They stel Steven Universe."

  • "I stel because of projection."

  • "They're stelling him right now."

4. Frequently asked questions

1. Is this otherkin?

No. This is alterhuman, but not otherkin.

2. Is this Kin-for-fun (KFF)?

No. While many "KFF" experiences can and do fit under constelic, this is not simply "KFF but valid." Its a label of its own that is detached from any kind of discourse.

3. Is this choicekin?


4. Who made constelic?

@extranth on Tumblr. I also made this Carrd.

5. Can I add onto this term / make a subterm?

Feel free to. This label is for anyone who wants it, not just me.

6. How do you, the creator, experience being constelic?

Read this.

7. Is constelic psychological, spiritual, just for fun, or...?

It can be any of these things. I personally have it as a mix of both psychological and spiritual.

5. Constelic symbols and flags

The original constelic flags.

Alternate / updated constelic flags.

The constelic star, or stelstar.

6. Further notes

  • I do not consent to using this term to gatekeep, harass, or force on others in any way.

  • This Carrd is a better reference for information on this label than the coining post. That being said, here is its original coining.