Constelic Hub

What is constelic?

Constelic is an alterhuman term for someone who collects an identity, or multiple identities, of animals, fictional characters, mythological beings, and/or similar things. It is sometimes done by choice, though it doesn’t need to be, and constelic identities can be dropped, hoarded, and have priority over each other.

Constelic identities can be casual, “in the background”, or not very intensive, though this is not always be the case. It may also be a vague, or unexplainable form of alterhumanity, that cannot be explained with anything else. Furthermore, there may be specific tiers of how much someone relates to said identities, or how intense different identities are.

Constelic is an intentionally broad, inclusive identity. Everyone's experiences with it may be different, and that's okay!

These identities in question may be called constels (ex: “I have a deer constel.”) or they may just be called an ID. You can also put an identity along with the suffix “-stelic” (ex: I am deerstelic). Someone who is constelic may range from only having one ID, to having a very large number of them, or anything in between. You do not need to hoard identities to identify as constelic, it is just common to do so.

Reasons for why someone is constelic may vary. Popular reasons may be because of hyperfixation, projection onto characters, a need to “hoard” things (possibly due to things like OCD), or it might simply be for the sake of fun. The term comes from the word “constellation”, and the symbol is meant to represent a star that branches out into their own identities.

Here is its coining post.

What is alterhuman?

Alterhuman is an umbrella term for those who have an identity that is alternative to the common ideas of being human. This may range from otherkin, to otherhearted, to extranth, to constelic. There are many terms underneath alterhuman to showcase a diverse set of experiences, and new labels are frequently added onto it. Alterhuman spaces currently exist in various circles and communities online, such as on Discord and Tumblr.

It is important to note that no alterhuman identity is more important, valid, or valuable than others. No term is "lesser" than another, or describes a "less important" experience. There are various ranges of intensity that different labels may encapsulate, and some labels describe different ways of connecting to their nonhuman identity, for different reasons, and with different usage. Otherkin is the most well known form of alterhumanity, but it is far from the only one.

Frequently asked questions

1.) Is this a form of otherkin?
No. This is a form of alterhumanity separate from otherkin.

2.) If it's a casual, "for fun" experience for so many people, why does it matter?
Things that are casual, or for fun, does not necessarily mean they do not matter. While I do not consider it kin, and I'm well aware that it's far more 'in the background', it is still important to me and other people to have a term for this experience.

3.) Is this just relating to, projecting to, etc. characters?
Sort of. It can be kind of like relatability or projection turned alterhuman. It is not just relating/projecting, in that it is specifically an alterhuman experience, but it isn't literally identifying as something nonhuman in the same way as otherkin, nor does it really fit the definition of otherhearted or synpath. For some, I think "projection in an alterhuman way" may be fitting, but that isn't perfect for everyone.

4.) Is this the same as choicekin?
No. Choicekin is separate from constelic. You can read a bit about what that is here.

5.) Why does something like this need a label of its own?
Alienation, mainly. There was no proper label to describe how I felt. It was an alterhuman experience, but it didn't fall under anything like kin, hearted, or anything else, but it still absolutely felt alterhuman. I wanted a broad, inclusive label, similar to the word alterhuman itself, that matched the nature of my own alterhumanity.

6.) Is constelic the least intense form of alterhumanity?
I'd say it depends on the person. It is difficult to truly put alterhuman experiences on a range from how intense or impactful a label is for someone, so I won't bother doing so. The things that make constelic different from other alterhuman labels is far more than just "it isn't intense."

7.) Can I add onto this in some way?
I would prefer if you asked first if it's something major, but I'll pretty much always say yes. This is a community thing, and it should be treated as such.

8.) So is this basically kin for fun but as a valid label?
Yes and no. Constelic includes plenty of elements that many "kin-for-fun" folks discuss in their spaces, but it was coined to be its own specific thing. I don't care about KFF and constelic isn't just about slapping a band-aid onto kin discourse. It is its own thing.

9.) Who can use constelic?
Anybody! So long as you fall under the definition, you are welcome to use it. Constelic is meant to be intentionally broad and inclusive of anybody who feels welcome within the term. Furthermore, you are welcome to use the label while you are questioning, unsure, or don't know if you're comfortable with the label yet. You can also use constelic alongside other labels, since you can be more than one type of alterhuman.

10.) Who made constelic?
I (the carrd creator) did! You can call me Maddox. I'm an eighteen year old, and I'm otherkin, along with constelic and possibly otherhearted.

I can be found at @extranth on Tumblr.

Constelic glossary (WIP)

Pronounciation: Con-stell-ickSuffix: "-stelic" (ex: deerstelic, spacestelic, oceanstelic)
Phase: A term for when you have a specific constel, or move to a new constel. Meant to represent moon phases, and is similar to otherkin shifts. You may also call it a steliphase if you want to be specific. (Example: I am in a deer phase.)Constel: The go-to term for a constelic identity. Can also just be called an "ID." (example: I have a deer constel.)ID: Another word for a constel.Constelist: A tier list of constels put from most to least intensive, important, or prominent.Alterstelic: Another way of saying constelic. Comes from the term alterhuman.-Stelic: The go-to suffix for constelic identities and subtypes, as well as the suffix for specific constels (ex: I am deerstelic.)

1.) If I'm using -stelic, and the word coming before it ends in an s, should I write out both (ex: Jamesstelic) or omit one of them (ex: Jamestelic)?
Either one is alright, but I recommend omitting one of them so it flows better. Which one you choose to do is up to you, though.

2.) Can I use shift instead of phase?
I'd rather you didn't, since shift usually refers to kinshifts, and I don't want the two getting mixed up.

3.) Can I make my own terminology for this?
Yeah! If you post it publicly, you should ask me before putting in anything major though.

4.) Can constels be written out, instead of using -stelic? (Ex: Percy Jackson constel, instead of percystelic?)
Of course! Stelic is a shorthand, easy way of writing your identities; you don't have to use it that way if you don't want to.

Constelic subtypes (WIP)

Note that you do not have to use these unless you want to!

Current subtypes:
Ficstelic, fictionstelic: Someone who has a constel(s) of (a) fictional character(s).Multistelic: Someone who has constels of various different origins, such as animals, concepts, and fictional characters at the same time.Farstelic: Someone who has constels of concepts or vague notions/locations, such as space.Anistelic: Someone who has a constel(s) of (a) animal(s). Usually used for real-life animals rather than fictional ones.Mythostelic: Someone who has a constel(s) of (a) mythological being(s), entity(s), or something similar.

Before you use...

I do not consent to this term being used to harm others. Do not try to force people to use this label, force people to use the flag/symbol, or otherwise push it onto those who don't identify with it. Constelic was made for comfort, finding community, and properly describing experiences many people have; it was not made to fakeclaim, mock, or harass others.

What alterhuman labels someone uses is their choice, not yours.